Static Hip Flexor Stretch – In general, we’re not really big on static stretches, especially before executing intense activities.

This particular stretch is really a significant exception. Do this. Perform a vertical leap and write down the height. And then, static stretch your hip flexors – two sets of half a minute each leg. Really stretch them! Stretch out just as if you’re trying to tear that hip flexor away from the bone, baby! Don’t only go through the actions! Now jump all over again. Odds are you’ll jump ½” – 2” higher, just by static stretching the hip flexors. How can this be, you say? We’ll tell you. The truth is, many athletes have super-tight hip flexors. Whenever you jump, tight hip flexors create a lots of scrubbing, preventing you from completely stretching from the hip, in addition to reaching as high as you possibly can. By simply static stretching these immediately before you jump, you not only stretch them out, but will also “put them to sleep” do to the extended, slow stretch. This causes less rubbing within the hip when you jump. This results in higher jumps. You may be astonished at how effectively this works. (Incidentally, the hip flexors would be the only muscles you would ever want to static stretch just before jumping.) It is additionally a good suggestion for sports athletes to go into the habit of stretching out their hip flexors daily, not only prior to jumping. This’ll help to increase your stride length when you run, as well as prevent hamstring muscle pulls and low-back pain.
Dumbell Swings – It may be believed that this is among the list of “old school” routines – one people don’t find used often nowadays. To start this exercise, first grasp a single dumbbell with each hand (don’t utilize one that could be too large). Place the feet just like you were actually doing a squat, while permitting the weight to dangle before you. While facing forward, squat down and allow the dumbbell to drop in between your thighs and legs. Continue to keep the back curved as you move down and keep looking directly ahead. Once you have hit the full squat position, instantly explode up. On top of that, while keeping your arms in a straight line, bend at the shoulder area and lift the dumbbell higher than your head. This specific exercise “kills 2 birds with one stone” simply because it actually works both hip extension along with your top deltoid muscle groups in a synchronized, intense process. And precisely why might we want to do this? Because Really what happens whenever you execute a vertical leap. As a alternative, it is possible to execute this exercise using a box underneath each foot. This is going to provide you with an extended range of motion.
Bulgarian Split Squats – This is pretty much a single leg squat, having your non-working leg raised on a bench in back of you. Perform this specific exercise by having a dumbell in each hand, come down until the rear knee touches the floor then explode back upward to the beginning place. This particular work out is going to smash the butt and VMO (the quads muscle on the medial side ones leg) on your front leg, while you are stretching the hip flexor in the back leg. Bear in mind the things we explained about the significance of limber hip flexors with regards to a person’s jumping capability? Well, this valuable exercise is definitely very important because of the fact it encourages muscular strength And overall flexibility in specific muscle tissues employed in leaping. Additionally, since it is a unilateral motion, it will help to correct muscle imbalances which can exist in the athlete’s legs.


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